La Semilla Ministries

Jorge Magdiel López Calderón

Jorge Magdiel López Calderón

         Jorge Magdiel, just Magdiel to those who know him well, has been working with La Semilla Ministries since the rainy seasonaround Augustof 2013.  Magdiel lives with his wife Valeska Julissa and young daughter Alisson López in the community of Niquinohomo, just twenty minutes or so on his 125cc motorbike from the La Semilla Base.  

         Magdiel came to us when we were in need of a good hard worker that could handle the intense physical demands of agricultural work in Nicaragua.  He has continually impressed us with his willingness to work himself extremely hard.  He’ll lift hundred-pound sacks of grain all day or run the harvester machine in a hot, dusty field without complaint.  In general, Magdiel is our go-to worker for whatever the most pressing job the ministry has is.  That could mean weeding the pineapple fields at the farm, taking out the planter with Rob to plant beans in May or August, harvesting with the aporreadora (thrashing) machine, drying beans in the plant, or working on machinery in the shop here at the base.  Magdiel has shown a particular interest in working in the shop with our farm equipment.  This is an area that we hope to cultivate in Magdiel, training him to be an expert mechanic in all sorts of farm equipment, from tractors to harvesters to planters.

         We invite you to pray for Magdiel.  Pray that he may continue to grow closer to knowing our saviour Jesus Christ as his personal friend and counsellor.  Pray that the rest of us here at the ministry will help Magdiel accept his identity not as a child of this world, but as a son of Christ, as a child of God.  Pray that he will develop a sense of vocation here at La Semilla Ministries, learning more each day to see the work he does not just as a job, but rather as450a6f3b54ced57ebe2c7a1a55e739a7 work that serves God’s Kingdom by empowering “the least of these”.

         We thank God for bringing Magdiel to work with us.  We pray that his joyful spirit and strong work ethic will continue to inspire the rest of us to live with God’s joy in our hearts and to work as though the Kingdom depended on it.