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Nicolás and Liliam Sequeira

Nicolás and Liliam Sequeira

         Kindness emanates from Nicolás and Liliam Sequeira.  There home is a wonderful example of the beauty of a well-built and well-cared for house in the country here in Nicaragua.  These two do not hesitate to host visitors either, who quickly make good friends with their well-mannered and especially cute children.  We at La Semilla Rob's-Nica-012Ministries are especially blessed to work with this magnificent family.

         Nicolás Antonio Sequeira and Liliam Sequeira have two daughters, Gwenda and Nicol, and one son named Michol.  They live just west of the panamerican highway outside of Diriamba in the community of Sontoles, where they own and farm two and a half acres of land.  Nicolás originates from the province of Boaco, and only made his way to the Carazo province as a young man.  Liliam is from the province of Rivas, which borders Costa Rica.  Nicolás and Liliam were doing pastoral work when they first met Wally and Esther Wiebe.  The four of them were involved in the building of an orphanage in Diriamba.  Nicolás explains that during Wally’s first year and a half in Nicaragua, he was his right-hand-man.  Nicolás and Liliam quickly became dear friends with Wally and Esther and were essential to the Wiebe family’s process of learning about Nicaraguan culture and mastering Spanish.  

         Nicolás was one of the first members of the La Semilla Ministries team.  Indeed, Nicolás was an essential part of Wally and Esther’s process of  moving toward a long-term mission project in Nicaragua.  As Nicolás recounts, Wally had worked here for 18 months, then returned to Canadá.  One day he called Nicolás from Canada and said he was returning to Nicaragua and wanted Nicolás to work with him.  He asked him, “Estás dispuesto?”, or “Are you ready?”.  In those early years the Wiebes thought much about in what ways to get involved in Nicaragua.  In part it IMG_9529---Copywas Nicolás and Liliam who urged them to reach out to the small farmers of Nicaragua.  Nicolás, a man with rural roots and farming experience, gave Wally the wise advise that having land to farm opens one up to many opportunities; farming and evangelical alike.  Nicolás and Liliam opened the Wiebe’s hearts to the many difficulties facing small farmers in Nicaragua, and ever since the ministry has been very closely linked to rural producers.

        Through the support of La Semilla Ministries and their own faithfulness to the Lord Nicolás and Liliam now own a beautiful yet humble home that is their own.  Wally lended his hands and wealth of construction experience to the project of building the house.  Nicolás looks back on his life and with the wisdom of a pastor recognizes that his house, his farm, and his family are all reflections of God’s faithfulness and goodness.  Indeed, reflections on his own life are what inspire Nicolás to devote his life to leading others into the Kingdom of God.

         Nicolás’s role with La Semilla Ministries has always been primarily pastoral.  Of course, he also participates in our bean and sorghum programs, and indeed he excels as one of our most successful, exemplar producers.  In addition to his hard work as a farmer, Nicolás and his wife Liliam are essential to La Semilla for their pastoral work.  Here at La Semilla Ministries our goal is not simply to improve the success of small producers in Nicaragua, but to empower those producers to live into the reality that God is the fundamental base of our lives.  Nicolás and Liliam work toward this goal by leading bible studies in the communities that La Semilla works in.  Nicolás is motivated and inspired by God to help producers discover the joy of living how his family strives to live—with God as the center of everything.  As he puts it, “The ministry’s priority is not the harvest, but rather that the people know Christ”.  Nicolás and Liliam faithfully drive their motorbike down the dusty back roads into some of the most rural communities in 3ef9b840-67ae-45a5-be2b-02aa4788aeedthe Carazo province, and sit under the shade of a tree in a dirt yard and continue the work that Jesus called us to.  Nicolás patiently acknowledges that pastoral work is not always easy, but that wherever the ministry is working, there he and Liliam will be.  Indeed, he looks forward to many years of leading people to Christ in collaboration with La Semilla, reminding us all that “pastoral work has no end”.  

         Our hearts are full of gratitude for Nicolás and Liliam.  This family stands out amongst us for their goodness and their unequivocal faithfulness to God and His Kingdom.  Pray for Nicolás, Liliam, and their family.  Pray that God will work through the pastoral work they do.  Pray that God will encourage them and assure them that they are leading others to know the love and peace of His Kingdom.  Nicolás and Liliam know that they need prayer every day to sustain them, join us in those prayers.