La Semilla Ministries

Sustainable Agriculture Program


How it works

  1. La Semilla offers an introduction seminar to area producers to explain who we are, why we do what we do, and give some basic training in finances and business ethics.
  2. La Semilla signs contracts with qualified producers and secures a market for the eventual production.
  3. Each eligible producer then receives a technical package of inputs (seed, fertilizer, crop protection products).
  4. The costs for these inputs are covered through La Semilla micro-financing (which is secured by the production contract) or paid for in cash, if the producer does not meet financing requirements.
  5. Our program builds on the existing knowledge and land base of Nicaraguan producers. La Semilla also supports them by providing
    • Agronomy assistance
    • Mechanical planting & harvesting services
    • Reliable markets
    • training workshops
  6. The producer cleans and delivers the commodity to the ministry warehouse, where it is assessed for quality.
  7. After deducting the input costs, the producer is paid a fair market value for the balance of delivery. Through its network of contacts,La Semilla works hard to secure the best possible market price for each commodity.

Sustainable Agriculture in terms of  types of services provided:


The above services are widely available to producers in the SW of Nicaragua. A total technical package on credit is available only to qualified producers.

Ways in which you can donate to the work of La Semilla

  1. Sponsor the crop input costs for an acre of beans:
    • 1 acre @ $210.00 CDN
    • 10acres @ $210.00CDN = $2100.00
    • 50acres @ $210.00CDN = $10,500.00
  2. Give toward operational expenses:
    • sponsor an employee – Agronomist’s wages are $770.00/month
    • Labourer positions are $550.00/month
    • contribute a month’s worth of program delivery expenses: $10,000 CDN