Battling Climate – A Farmer’s Nemesis

Battling Climate – A Farmer’s Nemesis

Where in the world do you find a farmer that is satisfied with the current growing season? Now I’m not implying that farmers are complainers, just that there is always this big unknown in Agriculture – the climate! Crops have pretty specific requirements to reach their genetic potential. What’s too hot for some is too cool for others, what’s moist enough for some is too dry for others….you’ve heard the saying: “It’s going to be better next year!”.

It certainly is no different if you’re in Canada, Europe, or Nicaragua, the climate is not always the farmer’s friend. So how do we manage this variable within the framework of an agriculture development program?

Well, from our Biblical perspective, the first thing I want to do is pray. As I pray, I am humbled by the creator God, and I am assured that He is sovereign, and I am certain that He is good. God answers our prayers – sometimes with timely rains, days of sunshine, but also with knowledge that we can practically apply during the growing season to mitigate risks.

First of all we need to consider cropping options – selecting crops that have the characteristics appropriate for our local growing conditions. Then we move to desirable plant traits – we can select seed genetics which have the traits necessary to withstand the majority of risks we are likely to face in the growing season. Another consideration is the cultural practices which will contribute to plant health and vigor which too, will help withstand climate challenges.

Yes, there are many factors to consider that will contribute to a successful harvest. Our professional Nicaraguan agronomists with many seasons of local experience investigate these options and make recommendations to the small farmers that form our growing group. Their access to information, both general and through their network of local producers, helps them give timely advice that produces consistent results. LA SEMILLA MINISTRY itself is dedicated to the procurement and development of seed varieties that match the challenges of local production.

Together we can realize the benefits of agriculture that God intends for us to enjoy to ensure our livelihoods!

Planting for Today and for Eternity!