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La Semilla Ministries Team

There are countless aspects to the work that La Semilla Ministries does.  We’re a diverse group, from a Canadian potato farmer to a Nicaraguan campesino, or “country man”, to young Nicaraguan agricultural professionals.  Our team here at La Semilla Ministries  has been transforming since our beginning as our ministry has continued to grow.  We pray that as a team we will work well together as God intends us to: encouraging each other to follow Christ, sharpening each other in the faith—as iron sharpens iron, and collaborating with one another to do God’s will. We invite you to read our individual stories, take the time to get to know our team, and pray for each one of us. Specifically, pray that God will lead us to serve La Semilla in the way that He intends.


Wally and Esther Wiebe

         On a given day, Wally Wiebe can be found somewhere a few miles down a dusty dirt road sitting under the shade of a rancho, or thatched-roof, in a plastic chair on a dirt floor talking with producers whom La Semilla works with.  He probably made his way down the back-country road on his Kawasaki 650 and has no lack of dust on his jeans.  Despite the fact that Wally is over a foot taller than most of our producers, learned Spanish as his third language, and sticks out in Nicaragua with his light skin, he has a gift for connecting with Nicaraguan campesinos, or country-folk.  His warm and inviting smile…more


Rob and Leslee OudmanRob and Leslee

          “¿Doña Leslee, hizo gallo pinto hoy?”, “Doña Leslee, did you make rice and beans today?”, asks Magdiel confidently partway through the lunch hour. As Leslee puts it in her constantly improving Spanish, “I’m willing to share, but you always have to ask”. She scoops a heaping three portions of the traditional gallo pinto, but with bacon, onto a plate and Magdiel walks gleefully back to where he, Franklin, and Marcelo are eating lunch…more

Nicolás and Liliam SequeiraRob's-Nica-012

          Kindness emanates from Nicolás and Liliam Sequeira.  There home is a wonderful example of the beauty of a well-built and well-cared for house in the country here in Nicaragua.  These two do not hesitate to host visitors either, who quickly make good friends with their well-mannered and especially cute children.  We at La SemillaMinistries are especially blessed to work with this magnificent family…more

Franklin de Jesús Garcia

         My name is Franklin de Jesús García, I am Nicaraguan, and I was born in the city of Jinotepe, in the department of Carazo.  I am 26 years old, married, and recently graduated from the International Agronomy University of Agriculture and Livestock (UNIAG), in Rivas, with a degree in agronomy.  I am very fond of the country and all agricultural activities.  

         In 2012, through my mentor Douglas Effinger from the organization Juán Marcos Nica Impact in the city of Jinotepe, where I was living, I had the opportunity to meet the director of La Semilla Ministries…more


Luis Marcelo Morales Maldonado

         My name is Luis Marcelo Morales, I am Nicaraguan, and I was born in the city of Jinotepe, in the department of Carazo.  I am 23 years old, and in 2015 I graduated from the International Agronomy University of Agriculture and Livestock (UNIAG), in Rivas, with a degree in agronomy. I also have a technician degree in agricultural sciences.

         A couple of years ago, I had the privilege to meet Robert Oudman and his wife Leslee at my local church. It was there that we shared some of our experiences about agriculture as soon as we realized our mutual passion for this art. Later on he told me about a need for another agronomist…more



Jorge Magdiel López Calderón

20140903_131851          Jorge Magdiel, just Magdiel to those who know him well, has been working with La Semilla Ministries since the rainy seasonaround Augustof 2013.  Magdiel lives with his wife Valeska Julissa and young daughter Alisson López in the community of Niquinohomo, just twenty minutes or so on his 125cc motorbike from the La Semilla Base.  

          Magdiel came to us when we were in need of a good hard worker that could handle the intense physical demands of agricultural work in Nicaragua.  He has continually impressed us with his willingness to work himself extremely hard.  He’ll lift hundred-pound sacks of grain all day or run the harvester machine in a hot, dusty field without complaint.  In general, Magdiel is our go-to worker for whatever the most pressing job the ministry…more


Ariel Rafael Gutierrez

Ariel Rafael Gutierrez is our 25 year-old ag technician from the community of Pio XII. Ariel has a young family – his wife Roxanna and his one year old son Liam. Although he grew up in more of an urban community, Ariel has loved agriculture from a young age, having spent many days of his youth on the small farm operated by his grandparents.

Ariel has completed a three year ag-technician course to be able to begin work with La Semilla, and is currently in year three of another three year program to achieve his agriculture studies degree .…more