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Franklin de Jesús García

Franklin de Jesús García

         My name is Franklin de Jesús García, I am Nicaraguan, and I was born in the city of Jinotepe, in the department of Carazo.  I am 29 years old, married, and recently graduated from the International Agronomy University of Agriculture and Livestock (UNIAG), in Rivas, with a degree in agronomy.  I am very fond of the country and all agricultural activities.  

         In 2012, through my mentor Douglas Effinger from the organization Juán Marcos Nica Impact in the city of Jinotepe, where I was living, I had the opportunity to meet the director of La Semilla Ministries, Wally Wiebe.  I began my professional practicum at La Semilla, working as an intern there from October 2012 to October 2014.  This was a period of great growth and learning about agriculture for me, which strengthened my theoretical knowledge that I gained at the university level.

         I currently work for La Semilla as an agronomist.  My duties include technical assistance in the crops of beans, corn, and sorghum, and rural extension work in roughly 40 communities.  I greatly enjoy this work, especially since I have long prayed that God will give me the blessing of a job in which I can work for his kingdom.  

IMG_0078         God is the most important aspect of my life, and thanks to him I have succeeded in many things: becoming an agronomist, meeting many friends at La Semilla Ministries, and above all building a family.  To me, the greatest part of being human is being able to have God in my heart.  La Semilla has taught me much about my relationship with God, and my spiritual life has grown greatly here—especially as I have learned to share God with our producers and the other members of our team.  I am very thankful for all that has happened to me through this ministry, this is truly a ministry of God.  

         My vision for the future is to continue growing in my spiritual and technical knowledge to be better able to serve God, this ministry, our producers, my friends, and my family.