La Semilla Ministries

The RED BEAN, a Nicaraguan staple

December 17, 2020

I want to consider this image of a handful of beans. 

These are the life-blood of the nicaraguan diet.

A healthy protein source, sure, but also a cultural pride – so much revolves around the (red)bean! At La Semilla we have invested a great deal of our resources in improving yields and predictable income from this crop. It is indeed the most noble of crops cultivated in this country. Many of our initiatives have had good success at affecting yields. Planting the right genetics, good quality seed, proper seed population and weed control are among the most important. We have seen yields net the genetic potential of the varieties planted, up to 4 times the national average.

December is a month to harvest. The thing is, this 2020, there is very little to harvest. In Carazo province we have lost 70-75% of the harvest. The double hurricanes of Eta and Iota in November devastated the crops. Other areas are worse off. Prices are climbing and I expect that by March… well.. …hunger. High prices, scarce availability. First of all PRAY! Merciful God provide for Nicaragua, for Central America. Second, if you can, GIVE! Christmas is a perfect time to give thanks for what you have and to SHARE with those who don’t.   MERRY CHRISTMAS !