La Semilla Ministries

Ariel Rafael Gutierrez

November 24, 2018

Ariel Rafael Gutierrez is our 25 year-old ag technician from the community of Pio XII. Ariel has a young family – his wife Roxanna and his one year old son Liam. Although he grew up in more of an urban community, Ariel has loved agriculture from a young age, having spent many days of his youth on the small farm operated by his grandparents.

Ariel has completed a three year ag-technician course to be able to begin work with La Semilla, and is currently in year three of another three year program to achieve his agriculture studies degree from UNIAV (Universidad Internacional Antonio de Valdivieso) in RIVAS. As for most university students, education means sacrifice, and Ariel is working hard to achieve his life goals. He works 5 ½ days a week at La Semilla as an agriculture extension  worker, and every other weekend travels the 2 hours journey to RIVAS for another 15 hours of lecture time. Evenings and free time are filled with reading and study projects. He is dedicated to completing his degree, and it’s our privilege to support him in that goal.

Ariel’s specific gift that he brings to La Semilla is teaching. He has an engaging, outgoing personality and is never shy in creating a dynamic teaching lesson that keeps farmers of all ages interested in the topic being taught. He is our man in charge of coordinating seminars and workshops held at our main office site, plus Ariel takes his turn as we teach workshops out in the rural communities on topics as diverse as “God’s Role for the Family” to addressing control measures for yellow sucking aphids in sorghum production.

Ariel has been working with  La Semilla since doing an 8 week co-op study with us in the fall of 2016. It’s a joy to see Ariel continue to mature in his role and in his walk with the Lord.