La Semilla Ministries

Partnering in Personal Protective Equipment

May 26, 2018

Ag development work comes with it’s share of costs. A shout out to  our friends at Taber Home & Farm Center and Independant Crop Inputs and our many farmer supporters in Southern Alberta for their financial help in helping us bring awareness and training of this important topic to the farmers of Carazo, Nicaragua.

Although the use of agri-chemicals is wide-spread in Nicaragua, proper handling, application techniques, and personal protection are areas where much training is needed. Application is exclusively by backpack sprayer, so applicators are directly in the zone of pestcide application.

Beginning at our annual field day, we are teaching awareness and proper use of personal protective equipment. It’s true the climate in Nicaragua is brutally hot to wear one more protective layer, but looking after your health is an important part of sustainable agriculture. Each grower who attended our annual field day received a free pair of nitrile gloves in their registration package. One of the sessions of the day encouraged growers to USE them! 90% of our exposure to harmful chemical is from skin contact. It’s a good place to start caring about our health.

We also taught about application techniques which can help reduce small particles the applicator breathes in. Using colored water, producers were shown the droplet pattern of various nozzles available, including air induction nozzles. 

The 3rd main area of chemical contamination is by mouth – use good hygeine before eating, drinking, taking care of bodily functions. Workshops will continue throught the growing season out in the field in the many communities where we work. 

If you’d like to make a financial contribution to this training, do so at TABER HOME & FARM CENTER where every dollar you donate will be matched by management to double the training!!